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Behavioral Studies Unit

Aim and mission:

Welcome to the Behavioral Studies Unit (BSU) in the core facility of Institute of Experimental Medicine, which provides space, equipment and other conditions which are needed for conducting various behavioral experiments on mice and rats.

Basic neuroscience needs behavioral characterisation of animal models to improve its translational value.

If …

  • you have a new model to study neural processes in vivo
  • you would like to phenotype your new transgenic animal strain
  • you or your reviewer need to confirm the conclusion of your recent results
  • you have a new drug candidate or
  • you would like to develop novel treatment approaches for neuronal or psychiatric disorders

…the BSU is an ideal choice to design comprehensive behavioral test series.

Reliable, experienced scientific background provides widespread test series for behavioral experiments.

The BSU was funded by the Infrastructure Development Grant of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and opened in 2014.