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Illuminating medicines Illuminating medicines

Illuminating medicines

A joint work between István Katona' and György Keserű' (INS) teams led to the development of a novel method that enables the visualization of drug binding on the surface of neurons at nanoscale precision and helps to understand the therapeutic effects of cariprazine, a medicine developed in Hungary.

Home abroad Home abroad

Home abroad

A couple of months length study trip is often as exciting as some great adventure. New group, other circumstances, hard work for results, and opportunity to know a foreign place better than a tourist. Spending years somewhere is a bigger matter.

Connectome Connectome


Epidemic here, problems there, especially young ones, even more so if they are researchers, want to enjoy themselves. By keeping the rules, they are able to figure out how to make their current life more efficient and enjoyable too!

Two types of cholinergic neurons Two types of cholinergic neurons

Two types of cholinergic neurons

By using correlation techniques, Balázs Hangya and his team uncovered two functional classes of cholinergic neurons which show differential influence on cortical neuronal activity and mouse decisions. The work has been published in the Nature Neuroscience.

Innovation Prize for the Femtonics Ltd Innovation Prize for the Femtonics Ltd

Innovation Prize for the Femtonics Ltd

Every year, the Hungarian Innovation Prix competition recognizes world-class achievements that bring outstanding benefits. One of the winners of the 2019 tenders is Femtonics Kft, founded by Balázs Rózsa and Gergely Katona.

Clusters and Synapses Clusters and Synapses

Clusters and Synapses

The work of Judit Makara's group investigating the rules of synaptic plasticity can make a significant contribution to recognizing the importance of each process in the functioning of the nervous system. Their new papers are published by Nature Communications and J Neuroscience.

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