New approaches and applications of STORM super-resolution imaging in life sciences

2018. november 13.

The Institute of Experimental Medicine (KOKI) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences together with Nikon cordially invites You to the symposium: "New approaches and applications of STORM super-resolution imaging in life sciences". Everyone is welcome!

Date: 2018, 30th of November

Location: Institute of Experimental Medicine (KOKI) Lecture hall, Szigony utca 43., Budapest, 1083.

Overview: This event is a scientific conference, entrance is free. Our aim is to introduce the wide spectrum of life science research topics, which can be addressed by Single Molecule Localization Microscopy (PALM and STORM). Besides the neuroscience applications, there will be lectures with case examples how these microscopy approaches can facilitate research in biophysics and biochemistry. An engineer from Nikon company will introduce future predicted directions of super-resolution imaging. Finally, we will present our experiences about running a microscopy core facility serving a large research community.

Right after the conference, we will celebrate the arrival of the new N-STORM system with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and with a reception.

Detailed program:

11.00: Welcome speech by Prof. Tamás Freund, Director of MTA KOKI
11.05: Opening remarks by Takaharu Sasaoka, President of Nikon Instruments Europe B.V.
11.10: Dr. Kenta Imai (Nikon Corporation, Yokohama City): "New features of N-STORM for super-resolution imaging applications"
11.30: Prof. Tibor Pankotai (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Szeged): "Developing new Super-Resolution dSTORM based Microscopic 3D quantification of DNA damage induced γH2AX focus formation to dissolving single DNA repair foci"
11.50: Prof. György Vámosi (Department of Biophysics and Cell Biology, University of Debrecen): "Interleukin-2/15 receptor assembly from the ER to the cell membrane"
12.10: Prof. Klaudia Barabás (Center for Neuroscience, University of Pécs): "Single neurotrophin receptor dynamics in Alzheimer's disease in living human neurons: single molecule detection studies"
12.30: Dr. Balázs Pósfai (Laboratory of Neuroimmunology, MTA KOKI): "The importance of nanometer-scale molecular imaging in studying dynamic cellular actions"
12.40: Dr. Susanne Prokop (Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology, MTA KOKI): "PharmacoSTORM: a powerful approach for antibody- or fluorescent protein-free super-resolution imaging"
12.50: Dr. László Barna (Head, Nikon Imaging Center at MTA KOKI): "Introducing the operational principles and future plans of the Nikon Imaging Center at KOKI"
13.00: Ribbon-cutting to celebrate the new N-STORM 5.0 system.
13.10-14.00: Reception