Network Neurophysiology

Group 34
Leader: Norbert Hájos

Our research group is most interested in the cellular and synaptic mechanisms underlying the neural network operation in the cortical areas.

The main goal of our research is to uncover the principles of information processing in cortical microcircuits at cellular and network levels.

To this end, we examine the features of the connections among neurons using neuroanatomy, electrophysiology, imaging techniques combined with optogenetics.

At present, we study the circuit organization of amygdala networks with a specific focus on its basal nucleus. In addition, we examine how brain structures including the prefrontal cortex and basal forebrain modify information processing in the basal nucleus of the amygdala at the synaptic and circuit levels. Our results may help to understand how amygdalar neural circuits promote establishing fear memories both in normal and pathological circumstances.

Excerpt from the Guidebook of the Institute 2015.

Group webpage:

Lab members:

Norbert HájosGroup Leader
Orsolya PappSenior Research Fellow
Laura Rovira-EstebanSenior Research Fellow
Tibor AndrásiPhD Student
Dániel MagyarUndergraduate Student
Gergő Attila NagyUndergraduate Student
Kinga MüllerUndergraduate Student
Petra Nagy-PálUndergraduate Student
Balázs CsékeUndergraduate Student
Bence BarabásUndergraduate Student
Barbara CzuczuUndergraduate Student
Viktória JordánUndergraduate Student
Erzsébet GregoriTechnician
Éva KrizsánTechnician