Translational Behavioural Neuroscience

Group 72
Leader: Éva Mikics

Our group specializes in behavioral neurobiological experiments with a translational approach: employing innovative animal models of human mental disorders, we aim to better understand the neurobiological background of psychopathologies and to devise effective novel treatment strategies. Our work is centered on the long-term effects of early-life stressors: we investigate how these may contribute to vulnerability in later life and to susceptibility to mental disorders.

Following the above outlined approach, our group currently focuses on three main subjects:

  1. cognitive traits and functional neuroanatomical correlates predicting susceptibility to the development of posttraumatic stress disorder;
  2. neurobiological and behavioral changes induced by perinatal asphyxia, with a focus on cognitive deficits;
  3. the role of epigenetic and neuroplasticity-related changes induced by the early-life social adversities in the development of abnormal aggression and social disturbances in adulthood.

In our research we utilize a wide array of behavioral, neuroanatomical and molecular biological methods. We combine detailed behavioral characterization with structural and functional neuroanatomical studies, hormonal measurements, gene expression (qRT-PCR) and immunohistochemical analysis. In addition, we employ optogenetic, chemogenetic and pharmacological manipulations in order to unravel the cause-effect associations in animal models possessing the highest clinical relevance to mental disorders.

Lab members:

Éva MikicsGroup Leader, Senior Research Fellow
Manó AliczkiSenior Research Fellow
Zoltán BaloghAssistant Research Fellow
László BiróAssistant Research Fellow
Máté TóthSenior Research Fellow
Zoltán Kristóf VargaAssistant Research Fellow
Beáta BarsváriTechnician
Biborka BruzsikPhD Student
Christina MiskolcziPhD Student
László SzentePhD Student
Orsolya HorváthUndergraduate Student
Benedek Pászthy-SzabóUndergraduate Student
Diána PejtsikUndergraduate Student
Rebeka Sárosdi KláraUndergraduate Student
Huba Szebik Undergraduate Student
Bálint TamásUndergraduate Student