The Electron microscopy center is a world-class facility providing state-of-the-art scanning and transmission electron microscopes, sample preparation and ultramicrotomy equipment, and provides training and support for researchers to learn and apply electron microscopy in their work.
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Scanning Electron Microscope

Thermo Scientific FEI Apreo scanning electronmicroscope


Electron tomography

FEI Tecnai T12 transmission electronmicroscope for electron tomography

TEM - Microscope H

Hitachi H-7100 standard transmission electronmicroscope

TEM - Microscope J

Jeol JEM-1011 standard transmission electronmicroscope

Ultrathin sectioning

Leica EM UC6, Leica EM UC7 RT, and Leica ARTOS 3D ultracut tools

Metal and carbon coater

Quorum Q150R ES metal and carbon coater

Control light microscopes

OLYMPUS BH-2 & NIKON light microscopes




Amira workstation

Amira worstation