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Pósfai B; Cserép C*; Orsolits B; Dénes Á ✉  (2019) New Insights into Microglia–Neuron Interactions: A Neuron's Perspective NEUROSCIENCE 0306-4522 1873-7544 405: pp 103-117
Cserep C ✉; Posfai B; Schwarcz AD; Denes A  (2018) Mitochondrial Ultrastructure Is Coupled to Synaptic Performance at Axonal Release Sites ENEURO 2373-2822 5: Paper e0390-17.2018. 15 p.
Ujfalussy B; Kiss T; Érdi P  (2008) Independence of the granule cell’s dendritic branches lieads to multiple place fields in the dentate gyrus : Paper 0133. 1 p.